The Escapist

Extra, extra tight this slip knot won’t come off.
I feel it in my fingers. I swallowed the key. Should I cough it up?
Not an act to learn to disappear.
Not an act. Crack in the glass, a hammer comes down.
Water’s pouring out over me. I’m set free

Next to Mister H. Houdini I fake the show.
Toss me in the tank and let me fend with the sharks below.
Take me back to my homeland, to my home.
Take me back to the cold driven snow where we fashioned
a fence to fend our faces from the freeze. I’m set free

Stuffed in a box. If you can’t get out there’s something wrong.
Hear me great Houdini. How do you escape when you’re not so strong?
Not an act. It’s a change of phase.
Take me back from ice to water to haze pouring back into the sea.
I’m set free